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B E H I N D  T H E  B R A N D


My name is Katie and I wanted to create easy to follow resources that will help you along your cycling, weight loss and journey of adventure.

I have shared my whole journey from being around 100kg and having never ridden a road bike before to losing more than 35kg and riding hundreds of kilometres in a day all on YouTube. So I know how it feels to struggle up hills, be mocked for being an 'overweight cyclist' and always be the one at the back of a group ride. 


So I wanted to show what has worked for me to be able to lose weight, get faster, and climb mountains to enable you to reach your goals.  


I don't teach calorie restriction or vigorous and exhausting work outs.


'I like mountains' is what I'm all about; the adventure lifestyle that helps bring around long-lasting changes for ultimate happiness and fulfilment


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